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Blue-Hell takes pride in the fact it can call itself a non-hostile, toxic-free Community. Our goal is to have a fun place for everyone to call home.

Here to help

Our community exists out of people with different experiences. Got a question about how to play a certain game, or just want to improve? Ask the members that play the game and they'll assist you to become a better player.

Fantastic Gameplay

Blue-Hell runs it's own servers for most of the games they play. These servers run on powerfull hardware that allows the best gameplay to take place.

Operation Dawnbreaker [Arma 3]

Experience a brutal wasteland, controlled by the Machines.
Players Online: SERVER OFFLINE

Demolition Derby [SA-MP/FiveM]

Smash into your opponentes, in this 32-player based Derby.
Players Online: SERVER OFFLINE

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